Looking for a Part Time Project

Mobile Web Developer I started working as a freelancer in 2013 focusing on mobile web technologies.  This year so far, I have had the opportunity to work on some nice and challenging projects with Hookflash. Recently I finished a major milestone which was a Cordova plugin for their iOS SDK. While I am continuing to […]

Move to Kamloops

View from the hills on the north side of Kamloops

A lot of changes has happened in my personal life in the last couple of months. I stared working as a freelancer and quickly found an awesome client that has been keeping me very busy. And then more recently, after my wife received a couple of job offers in Kamloops, BC; we decided to pack […]

New year resolution

I decided to put this list here in the hope that I will be even more motivated to get it done. My overall goal this year is to become a better designer and engineer. I also want to track my time better so I can maximize the time I spend on activities I enjoy the […]

FirefoxOS *is* Decentralized

I read a very interesting article today by Aral Balkan titled 2014: The Rise of Indie Tech. I agree with the general thesis of the article that indie decentralized web technologies are good for the people, and that mainstream media has missed the boat and has been focusing too much on the wrong sort of […]

Radio Paradise FirefoxOS App

radio paradise app

I have recently published my second FirefoxOS webapp called Radio Paradise on Marketplace. It aims to be a simple and minimal client for the excellent Internet radio station – radio paradise. If you own a FirefoxOS device, and you like good music delivered to your ears, you want this app :). Here is a video […]

28 days with Geeksphone and Firefox OS — Week 1 of 4

28 days with Geeksphone and Firefox OS -- Week 1 of 4

It has been a week since I started using Geeksphone Keon running Firefox OS as my primary phone. This post summarizes my experience during the first week of using this phone . I decided instead of dumping all my notes in chronological order, I am going to organize them by topic. Contacts My previous phone […]